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The research in the Institute covers the following areas:

Tomografia procesowa
Process Tomography
Algorytmy tekstowe
String processing algorithms
Rozpoznawanie obrazów
Pattern recognition
Rachunek różniczkowo-całkowy niecałkowitego rzędu
Calculus of fractional differ-integrals
Komunikacja człowiek - komputer
Ubiquitous computing
Biometrics and speech recognition
Sieci komputerowe
Computer Networks
Przetwarzanie obrazów w medycynie
Image processing and analysis in medicine 


Currently developed projects


At present, the Institute of Applied Computer Science employs:

As a result of the research conducted in the Institute, around 100 papers are published yearly in conference materials and journals, many of which are of international interest.

Important documents and links:

Regulations of intelectual property right management... (25.02.2015) with appendices - contract templates

The Law of Higher Education (updated 1.10.2011r)

Statute of Lodz University of Technology (updated 27.01.2012)

POL-on - Polish researchers database

Scoring of scientific journals (updated 9.12.2016)

Index Copernicus 2012 - database of scientific journals with scoring

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