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Dr Zhijian LIU

Dr Zhijian Liu has received his PhD in 2005 in Materials Process Engineering, from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He has been employed in the the frame of DENIDIA project since November 2007, for a 2 years contract.

His research interest and major experience are Finite Element Analysis method, CAD software research and development for special industry application, and electrical capacitance measurement and application.

His main task within DENIDIA project has been to design  rotatable sensors for improved spatial resolution for ECT system (figure 1). These new sensors are mechanically driven and  the synchronization between capacitance measurement and rotation of the sensors is made possible using DECaRT system. The sensor for static object has proven to produce more accurate images that conventional sensor used in ECT nowadays (figure 2). Another sensor that can fit on the pneumatic flow facility of the "Tom Dyakowski" Process Tomography laboratory has also been developed and tested during dense phase flow (figure 3). Because of of problems resulting from electromagnetic noise during rotation and limited rotation speed of the sensor, it was difficult to apprehend the improvement in both image accuracy and evaluation of solids concentration, despite differences have been noted when sensor moved. New tests will be needed in the future.


figure 1: general view of the rotatable sensor

figure 2: visualization of the improvement obtained for sensor with 16 electrodes and 3 rotation steps compared to the case without rotation. One can see also that the image is comparable to the one obtained with twice as many electrodes.



figure 3: general view of the experimental stand for dense phase flow of horizontal solids pneumatic conveying. Note the presence of AC-ECT tomography bought from ECT Instruments Ltd and 2 layers of sensors to measure velocity of the solids using cross correlation technique.








List of publications:

Award: L. Babout, Z. Liu, R. Banasiak, D. Sankowski (2008): A Novel Method To Improve The Image Quality From Electrical Capacitance Tomography Measurements. Eureka 2008, November 2008, Brussels (Silver medal).


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