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Dr. Kostadin Brandisky

Dr. Kostadin Brandisky is an Associate Professor in Theoretical Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria. He has received his PhD from the Technical University of Sofia, in 1983. His area of research expertise and interests are: numerical analysis of electromagnetic fields, CAD systems, optimization and inverse problems in electrical engineering, Electrical Impedance Tomography, biomedical applications, resonant contact-less energy transfer.

Dr. Kostadin Brandisky has joined the DENIDIA team in December 2009 for a total duration of 10 months. His main tasks have been to perform simulations and optimization of sensor design for 3D ECT (figure 1); to perform simulation, conception and design of a new generation ECT system with parallel rotating field (figure 2); to organize course and training on electromagnetic field simulation using ElecNet and to prepare grant applications for future trans-European projects.


Figure 1: View of different meshes of 3D sensors with different electrode shapes and layouts (i.e. square, circular, trapezoidal and diamond).










Figure 2: the Potential field corresponding to ECT system with rotating parallel field.










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