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Dr Laurent BABOUT

Dr Laurent Babout has received his PhD in materials Science and Engineering in 2002 from INSA Lyon. After 30 months at the University of Manchester as a Post Doctoral Research Associate, he joined the Computer Engineering Department in 2005. His main interests cover X-ray tomography and 3D image processing mainly dealing with materials science application.

In the frame of DENIDIA, Dr Babout has spent 6 months at the University of Manchester since September 2009, and more specifically at the Henry Moseley X-ray imaging Facility. He has been taking an important role in the following projects:

In most of cases, the data analysis have taken advantage of the hole closing/filing algorithms developed by dr Marcin Janaszewski



 Figure 1: Example from an image sequence, which presents the crack prints obtained throughout the propagation of the stress corrosion crack (yellow) during 7 scans. Crack propagation results in the complete fracture of the stainless steel specimen (grey). Bridges (red) that have been extracted from the crack path using the Hole Closing Algorithm are also shown for each step










 Figure 2: 3D rendering of an auxetic foam (in light yellow) on which the corresponding medial axis-based skeleton is superimposed (red curves: edges – red spheres: vertices). An open cell is also closed (depicted by a blue cycle )











Figure 3: Figure 3. (a) 2D reconstructed slice of the weld area after USW where a large number of non-welded zones can be seen (b) Superposition of the 3D rendering (light yellow) on the isosurface and the non-welded zones (red) shown in (a). "Valleys" correspond to higher pressure where the tip ridges clamp into the material.




Figure 4:(a) material flow observed for different FSSW dwelling time thanks to the use of a gold layer sputtered on one face of each lap of materials (b) 3D visualization of the weld position interface after standard histogram thresholding, grid created by manual segmentation and hole closing algorithm.






 List of publications:


Room: 318 (KIS - ul. Stefanowskiego 18/22)

Telephone: (+48)42 631 2750 (ext. 318)


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Laurent Babout

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