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Success in Taiwan

The second World Cup of Computer Implemented Inventions held in Taiwan on 24-27 August 2011, was attended by inventors from 26 countries, presenting a total of more than 200 inventions. Among them, six innovative solutions presented by researchers from the Technical University of Lodz. All of them received high recognition of the international jury and all were rewarded with medals.

Automatic driver notification about detection of the emergency vehicles

The award: golden medal

Authors of the project: Andrzej Romanowski, Jakub Betiuk, Zbigniew Frątczak, Jacek Nowakowski, Dominik Sankowski


System powiadamiania kierowcy o wykryciu pojazdu uprzywilejowanego


Method and device for preventing potential viewers from viewing inappropriate TV programs

The award: silver medal

Authors of the project: Volodymyr Mosorov, Marta Chodyka

One of the most evident hazards of the present world is the media’s influence on mind and personality of the juveniles. In approaching this issue we should take into consideration the constantly increasing role of television as a part of a family life and highlight the necessity of limiting the access to inappropriate TV channels to children and teenagers. Content and messages communicated by the mass media cause a wide range of both social and educational problems. This method relates to the fact that the analysis of the channel broadcasted by the broadcaster is carried out on the basis of the picture segment. The picture segment includes the age rating and it is analyzed with respect to its content, and later it is compared with the previously inserted by the parent or guardian age restrictions.



Depending on the compliance or incompliance of the age restriction established by the parent with the compared age rating taken from the picture segment, the video input signal is switched over for the video output, when the broadcasted channel complies with the compared setting established by the parent or guardian. If not, when the broadcasted channel includes the age rating incompatible with the age restriction established by the parent or guardian, the signal informing about the ban on viewing the requested channel is switched over for the output.




A method and a device for measuring component fractions in a multi-phase flow

The award: silver medal

Authors of the project: Dominik Sankowski, Jacek Nowakowski , Erling Hammer, Laurent Babout, Robert Banasiak, Zbigniew Chaniecki , Krzysztof Grudzien, Marcin Janaszewski, Volodymyr Mosorov, Andrzej Romanowski, Radosław Wajman

In some industrial applications, f. ex. in petroleum industry there is a need of non-invasive measurement of component fractions in multi – phase flow, water fraction, gas fraction and oil fraction. Proposed construction by means of applied measurements of capacitance, conductance and gamma ray attenuation and computer aided processing of measurement data enables calculation of fractions of different flow components. 



Schematic view of the sensor: 1-ECT copper electrodes, 2- ERT pin electrodes, 3-gamma source holder, 4-eValuator 1000 gamma ray detector, 5-steel gamma ray protective housing.


Test stand: 1 – pulse counters, 2 – testing oscilloscope, 3 – Centrifugal pump drive, 4 – pump drive inverter, 5 –National Instruments DAQ card, 6 – Power supply for eV1000, 7 – Tomographic multi modality sensor

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Jacek Nowakowski
Andrzej Romanowski
Krzysztof Grudzień
Zbigniew Chaniecki
Radosław Wajman
Volodymyr Mosorov
Robert Banasiak

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